What's new in XWiki

Enhancing digital sovereignty: XWiki and Nextcloud forge closer ties

2024/03/06 23:00

XWiki SAS has long upheld its commitment to independence, with shareholders exclusively comprising current and former employees. However, recognizing the importance of strong collaboration among major open-source projects in the EU, the company is embracing a strategic shift through a symbolic investment in XWiki SAS from Frank Karlitschek, Founder and CEO of Nextcloud. Moreover, Nextcloud GmbH and XWiki SAS have signed a mutual resellers' agreement to provide their customers an easy way to purchase a complete solution from either vendor. Read the full article to learn about the why, how, and what.

New in XWiki Cloud, now updated to 15.5.4

2024/02/21 23:00

XWiki SAS has upgraded XWiki Cloud to version 15.5.4 of XWiki. XWiki Cloud is a convenient and cost-effective solution for running XWiki. XWiki SAS handles the setup, hosting, upgrades, maintenance, and backups, allowing you to focus on your work. To try out all the new features and improvements, set up a Cloud demo in just a few minutes.

Confluence Migrator (Pro): streamlined multi space import and new improved UI

2023/09/27 22:00

XWiki SAS has launched the new Confluence Migrator (Pro), an all-in-one toolkit that allows you to quickly migrate and reorganize your content in the hierarchical order identically as to how it was on the Confluence side. The migrator is available for any deployment method, whether it is on your premise or in the XWiki Cloud. Read the full article to learn about all its new features and how to install it.

Improvements and features to try in XWiki 15.x

2023/07/30 22:00

XWiki SAS did a short mid-year recap of the most notable features and improvements done so far in the 15.x cycle of development by the XWiki SAS Product team and the XWiki community contributors. Read the full article here.

Contribute to XWiki open-source software with your own application

2023/06/29 22:00

Learn in this tutorial how to distribute an application made with App Within Minutes, and what quality standards your application should meet.

Introducing the new XWiki Task Manager (Pro)

2023/05/16 22:00

XWiki SAS has launched the Task Manager Application (Pro), a business-ready application, part of the paid apps suite available on the dedicated store. Task Manager (Pro) allows you to create and manage tasks inside a wiki. It provides various macros to display single or multiple tasks filtered using numerous criteria and it supports the migration of Confluence tasks and reports to XWiki. Read the full article to learn about all its features and how to install it.

Introducing Collabora Connector Application (Pro)

2023/03/30 22:00

XWiki SAS has launched the Collabora Connector Application (Pro), one of the many business-ready Pro Apps, available in the XWiki SAS store. Through this app, you can view, edit, and collaborate in real-time in Collabora office documents directly in your XWiki instance. This way, you'll have an open-source ecosystem without any data lock-in. Read the full article to learn how to install and use the new application.